PLN to require US$97 billion to Spur Electrification

Wandrik Panca Adiguna
Wandrik Panca Adiguna - 09 Desember 2010  |  04:10 WIB

JAKARTA: State Electricity Company PLN (Ltd) needs around US$97.1 billion until 2019 to build power plants, transmissions, and distributions to meet the electrification ratio of 91%.

Director of Planning and Technology at PLN Nasri Sebayang revealed the fund estimate and the power investment plan were inked in PLN's 2010-2019 Electricity Procurement General Plan. "Based on the achievement in 2009, the total electricity use across Indonesia is around 133 terrawatt hour [TWh] and this will grow to 327 TWh by 2019. In the meantime, the electrification ratio is projected at 91%," he informed yesterday. He continued the investment need to bolster the electrification ratio would hover at US$8 billion-US$12 billion per annum until 2019. The investments, he added, were needed not only by PLN to build power plants, but also by private companies to develop independent power producers (IPP), including transmission and distribution grids. He further said the investment fund estimate only covered engineering, procurement, and contract (EPC) cost and excluded IDC, financing cost, and tax. He said the investments until 2019 would be needed to build power plants (US$70.66 billion), transmission (US$15.19 billion), and distribution (US$11.27 billion). According to him, the huge investment to strengthen the electricity system was in line with the surging need for electricity in Indonesia. With the need for electricity reaching 327 TWh by 2019, an average growth of 9.17% per annum, he calculated, the peak burden is estimated at 59,302 Megawatt (MW) or an average growth of 9.55% per annum. Moreover, he said, the need for electricity in Java and Bali was estimated to increase from 115.1 TWh in 2010 to around 252.5 TWh in 2019, an average growth of 8.97% per annum. (wiw)

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