Businessmen insist on political certainty

JAKARTA: Business people are complaining on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonos indecisive stance, which causes uncertainty for commerce.
Yusuf Waluyo Jati
Yusuf Waluyo Jati - 11 Juli 2011  |  05:28 WIB

JAKARTA: Business people are complaining on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonos indecisive stance, which causes uncertainty for commerce.

They also thought that the performance of cabinet ministers is seen as inefficient. It is getting worse as political stage has obstructed Indonesian productivity pace and focus on economic development.Several officials and figures from Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) expressed their opinions, as compiled by Bisnis.Hariyadi Sukamdani, a top official in Kadin working on monetary, fiscal and public policies, viewed that the cabinet performance does not got with the governments target in recovering investment climate in the country.Unsolved classic problems and delays on initiation of economic development plan become the main reason why half of Presidents instructions have not been executed.It is disrupting, as many work targets are delayed. The problem is professionalism in the government management, he told Bisnis yesterday.According to him, unhealthy political dynamic in central and regional governments badly influences states apparatus, most of which come from political parties.So many draft of laws are stuck, for example, draft of Law of Lad Acquisition. The draft has been composed since 2004 when the new administration was started. Although there is Joint Secretariat, the discussion on the draft has not completed [in the House]. Then, what is the Secretariat meant for? he said.Hariyadi also showed concerns on the political conflict in the central government, which indirectly affected the performance of regional governments and heated up the situation in all regions.For example, in regional election, the situation is more grave. If the incumbent loses, and the rival wins, all existing policies may be changed. Its dangerous, he complained.On Presidents handTo remove the uncertainties, Hariyadi suggested that the President as the key person changes his hesitant and slow attitude in making decision.The President is not popular in making decision, he asserted. He gave an example case of migrant workers, in which the President could only created a work force without concrete solution.Kadin DKI Jakarta Chairperson Eddy Kuntadi expected that ministers and public regulators could be more focused on the implementation of work programs and achievement of the government targets.He said that the business climate in Indonesia has been affected by current political waves, including rumors on cabinet reshuffle, 50% ministers failure in assessment, fuel issues and taxation.Such situation will surely trouble the business people who need certainty, mainly in planning and evaluating work and budget.West Java Chamber of Commerce urged the central government to focus on economic development in regional area, in purpose of maintaining investment and reducing unemployment.Moreover, the central government is asked not to spoil much energy in political affairs.Business climate will be stable if the political stability is well-maintained, said West Java Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Agung Suryamal Sutisno.Riau Islands Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Johanes Kenedy thought that the central government has failed in accelerating the composing of regulations, which support investment and business climate.Business peoples confidence on the central government has been declining. They feel that the government is no longer business friendly. Competition and investment climate is not getting better, but leading to uncertainty.In the meantime, South Sulawesi Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairperson Ilham Alim Bachrie revealed that most business people in the region complained on lack of infrastructure, which became the main obstacle in business development.Bali Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Gde Sumarjaya Linggih also criticized the governments lack of concern on the empowerment and stimulus for regional entrepreneurs in supporting both regional and national economy. (k2/k29/k31/Nurudin Abdullah/Roni Yunianto/Suyono Saputra)(t04/msw)

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