Indonesian stocks estimated to be flat

Wandrik Panca Adiguna
Wandrik Panca Adiguna - 28 Desember 2010  |  01:45 WIB

JAKARTA: Jakarta Composite Indeks (JCI) is predicted to flatly move in the range of 3,620-3,640.

An analyst at PT Danareksa Sekuritas Yuga Nur Wijanarko informed that the flat movement is an impact of long holiday ahead of next year. He also stated that the market will likely return busy in the early year at the time of rearranging portfolio by investors.In the meantime, gains supporting the indexs movement today will come from automotive and bank sectors.Finally, JCI rebounded. The fluctuated movement dragged down the index to a negative area and hampered the indexs movement before closed up in a positive area.Meanwhile, the earlier trading, the index strengthened 0,38% to 3,625.27. Similarly, BISNIS-27 Index was up 0.64% to 317,70 by having a minimum transaction by IDR2.8 trillion.On the other hand, the Chinas policy on escalating its interest rate has no contribution for the todays movement. While, regional markets has a mixed movement. Nevertheless the previous speculation over the interest rate increase by China, leaded to concerns on the economic growth that will be threatened. (t01/wiw)

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