Coal transportation for 2011 guaranteed

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Wandrik Panca Adiguna
Wandrik Panca Adiguna - 22 Desember 2010  |  06:49 WIB

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JAKARTA: The national shipping companies guarantee there will be sufficient national armadas to cater to the need for coal barge boats for 2011.

Following the operation of five coal-fired power plants, which are part of the 10,000 mega watt (MW) electricity crash program, the national shipping companies are optimistic to carry coal in accord with the needed capacity.

The five coal-fired power plants scheduled to start operation in 2011 are the Indramayu power plant in West Java (3x330 MW), the Suralaya 1 coal-fired power plant in West Java (2x265 MW), the Paiton coal-fired power plant in East Java (1x600 MW) and the Lontar coal-fired power plant in Banten (2x300 MW).

Teddy Yusaldi, the President Director of PT Transpower Marine, revealed Indonesia would no longer need additional barge boat armadas next year since most of armadas procured this year had been idle.

According to him, the current oversupply of barge boat armadas was attributable to delays in the operation of several coal-fired power plants in 2010 and unfavorable climate in production centers and during coal loading activities.

Such an oversupply would make the national barge boat operators ready to cater to any need for barge boats next year, he said yesterday.

Data by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) showed coal allocation to meet domestic needs for 2011 reached 55.82 million tons, rising from 52 million tons predicted.

In the meantime, coal consumption of several coal-fired plants in 2010 was estimated at 36.8 million tons. In the meantime, around 80% of domestic coal consumption was used to fire power plants, said Teddy.

Teddy added in 2010 there were at least 270 barge boats bought by the national shipping companies from domestic as well as foreign shipyards to strengthen the domestic armada.

The 270 barge boats were purchased from China (100), Malaysia (20 boats), and Indonesia (150 boats).


Nevertheless, he added, the surging number of Indonesia-flagged barge boats was not followed by a parallel increase in market growth due to delayed operations of several power plants.

In the meantime, the national shipping operators had to spend a total US$945 million on barge boats since the average barge boat price had reached US$3.5 million each.

Vice Chairperson of the Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA) L. Sudjatmiko admitted several government-owned coal-fired power plants found their operations delayed in 2010.

However, he continued, the national shipping companies were still enthusiastic in procuring barge boats, thanks to the surging coal transportation activities every year.

Data by the Indonesian Coal Producers Association (APBI) showed national coal production had steadily been increasing from 190.48 million tons in 2006 to 221.1 million tons in 2007, 239.41 million tons in 2008 and 257 million tons in 2009. (wiw)

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