Gorontalo Minerals approved to explore gold

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Wandrik Panca Adiguna - Bisnis.com 08 Desember 2010  |  09:30 WIB

JAKARTA: PT Gorontalo Minerals, a subsidiary of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRM), finally pocketed an approval for use and permit forest area to explore copper and gold mining of Bone Belango, Sulawesi.

Finance Director of BRM, Yuanita Rohali confirmed that Gorontalo Minerals now can begin to explore and implement due diligence after achieving Use and Permit Approval for Forest Area from Forestry Department

According to her, by having a mineral supply of 130 million tons, Gorontalo Minerals is one of BRMs core assets that can lift the BRMs value because of its commercial production.Moreover, by pocketing the approval, Gorontalo Minerals can starts on its exploration in mine sites of Cabang Kiri and Sungai Mak. While, its gold and copper mining sites are located in Bone Belango district, Gorontalo Province, Sulawesi.In the future, BRM plans to construct a factory of copper concentration having a capacity of 25 million tons a year to process 0.6% copper and 0.6 gram/ton gold. (t01/wiw)

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