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Twin Otter To Be Produced In Indonesia

Editor Kamis, 10/02/2011 04:07 WIB

JAKARTA: PT Dirgantara Indonesia eyes for cooperation with an aircraft producer, de Havilland Canada, to manufacture Twin Otter in Indonesia and to rejuvenate the aircraft fleets.Now, 19 aircrafts of Twin Otter, made in 1970s, have been operated by 19 airlines.Director General of Air Transportation at Ministry of Transportation Herry Bakti Singayuda Gumay confirmed that aircraft production is possible to relocate from Canada to Bandung.We have a report from PT Dirgantara Indonesia for the displacement of Twin Otter aircraft production to Bandung, he said yesterday.Meanwhile, in a separate opportunity, President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia Budi Susanto informed that the state-owned company is still in talk with the Canada-based producer to manufacture Twin Otter in Indonesia.He also mentioned that market of Twin Otter is widely open for remote-area flight as Indonesia at least needs 60 aircrafts having seat capacity below 100 passengers.Then, Budi exposed that the expected selling price of Twin Otter at the market is US$5 million-US$6 million while construction cost for assembly center is about twice of the selling price.We are still in talk and have no agreement yet. Thus, the exact total investment cant be figured out yet, he exposed.Maintenance contractHe said that now 20 Twin Otter DHC units have been actively operated by national airlines. Unfortunately, the aircrafts are quite old since they were produced around 1970s.Government asks for the rejuvenation of Twin Otter. Indonesia is a competitive spot for Twin Otter market compared to other nations. Moreover, the factory located in Canada will be closed, so the new location is needed, he affirmed.PT DI, today, has also signed a contract of aircraft maintenance and reparation for Sukhoi Super Jet 100 acquired by Kartika Airlines.However, Budi confirmed that the company has no further information yet from Kartika considering on a certainty of the MRO contract (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) to be valid.As reported, the Sukhoi aircraft will be arrived in 2012, depending on Katika. We will be ready, if Kartika is ready, he said.Kartika Airlines had signed a purchase agreement amounting by US$840 million or IDR7.6 trillion to import 30 units of Sukhoi Super Jet 100.Kartika also has a plan to purchase the same aircrafts to 160 units.In the meantime, Kartika Airlines sets up a cooperation with CLC Aviation Consulting to finalize a purchasing transaction for Sukhoi Super Jet 100. (T01/NOM)

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