JCI ends 2010 with 46.13% gain, the highest in Asia

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Wandrik Panca Adiguna - Bisnis.com 30 Desember 2010  |  09:54 WIB

JAKARTA: Indonesian shares rose 4.29 points higher in todays closing session to 3,703.51 from the opening level of 3,698.93. It gained 46.13% in 2010, the best performing stocks index in Asia.

Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) swung within the range of 3,718.98 and 3,689.03. Out of 421 stocks sustaining the index, nearly 122 stocks rose, 99 stocks slipped and the remaining 200 stocks were unchanged.Unilever Indonesia led the gain with 2.72 points of contribution, followed by Astra International with 2.64 points, Astra Agro Lestari with 1.87 points and Indosat with 1.61 points.Some stocks retained the index from further gain were Bank Central Asia which slipped 2.90 points. Bank Rakyat Indonesia also posted a loss with -2.47 points while Bank CIMB and Gudang Garam gave negative contribution of 2.07 points and 1.48 points respectively.Nearly seven out of nine sectors listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) recorded positive movement particularly trade and service sector as much as 69.73%%, followed by consumer goods with 56.42%, utility and transportation with 55.90%, miscellaneous industry with 55.22%, mining with 48.51, agriculture industry with 40.57 and construction, property and real estate with 32.31%.Meanwhile, as the index increased, BISNIS-27 Index was down 0.88 points to 322.29, compared to the opening level of 323.13. The index moved between 324.98 and 321.32.(t03/wiw)

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